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Pet Stain Cleaning Everett WA

The Right Choice for Area Rug Cleaning in Everett

Pets are important members of people’s households. In fact, some people place them on an almost even footing with the human residents!

Unfortunately, though, accidents inside the home are going to happen, and they can occur with even the best-trained cats and dogs. Puppies and kittens may immediately come to mind as they’re learning about where to go and how to signal if they need to go out. However, accidents can happen with mature, well-trained cats and dogs, too. For instance, you might be away for a long time and can’t get back in time to let the dog out. Something they ate may not agree with them and might come back up. Also, as pets age, they have less control over their bladders.

So accidents will happen. Urine, vomit, and feces on floors are part of having pets. The messes are unsanitary, they smell bad, they can cause stains, and they can even cause damage.

Get The Royal Treatment

It’s so easy for your area rug to become one of the dirtiest surfaces in the home. They’re placed in the most common areas where it’s likely the high foot traffic resides: the living area, walkway, and hallway.

No doubt it’s in need of a makeover behind the layers of dirt.

Royal Carpet Cleaning can get your area rug back to looking like new.

Your area rug needs more than what an old-fashioned dusting and vacuum can do

carpet cleaning in everett wa

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Self-cleaning stains and odors from carpets can also make the problem worse. It’s very easy to grind the particles in even deeper as you scrub or dab to remove them, contaminating the carpet fibers and even the hard flooring beneath. Pet odors can even permeate concrete and hardwood flooring, and once they permeate like that, they’re a lot harder to remove.

And here’s another thing to think about: if you have persistent pet odors in your home, you may come to notice them little or not all. That won’t be the case for any company that comes over, and now there’s the embarrassment of learning that your house smells bad and people don’t want to come over.

If you need removal of pet stains or odors, just call us or use our online contact form, and we’ll get to work on getting your carpets back to how you like them!

Happy Customers

Royal carpet cleaning is by far the best carpet cleaning service we have ever hired! Ilia is super punctual, professional, and definitely goes the extra mile when it comes to getting our carpets cleaned! We had just recently finished a major remodel/renovation in the home with lots of dust and dirt left behind from the work on the carpets. We were for sure overdue with a wash. As soon as Ilia was finished with the cleaning, it literally felt like we just moved into a new house! Our family is incredibly satisfied with the results each time he comes in for a cleaning!

Sophia K.

Short notice carpet cleaning in support of move out requirements. Elijah was communicative without being burdensome. He did an excellent job on my carpets for a fair market price. Was exceptionally timely to the appointment and completed the job in the projected time. Would definitely recommend and or use again.

Jason M.

Best cleaning service I have ever gotten. Both our car carpets were spotless. Their website is very convenient and user-friendly. We were able to pick the best time and day for us! This company showed up on time, worked hard, fast and did an incredible job! We will definitely use them moving forward!

Brittany M.

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